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Tips for Maintaining Your Generator

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Home generator- exploded view

A certified professional will know all the ins and outs of installing and maintaining a generator. They are an investment in your home and loved ones’ safety. Don’t risk not having your generator run during a power outage. Call a certified technician who will not only properly install the generator, but has the knowledge and certification to maintain its functionality over a long period of time. Ryan Electrical Solutions has been Central Illinois’ one stop electrical contracting company for over 25 years. Our professionals know electricity, as well as generators! Give us a call today and we’ll answer any questions you might have regarding your existing, or future generator.

Still Going Strong!

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Ryan's fleet of service vehicles

February 2020 marks Ryan Electrical Solution’s 25th year in business! What started out as a 3-employee electrical company has since grown into a company that now holds three separate divisions - Electrical, Audio-Visual and Generators. With the expansion of our company, we acquired more employees, raised the bar for customer service and offered our services to more areas. We truly appreciate our customers and value our relationships with them, which is why we will continue to invest in the resources needed to meet their needs and expectations. We have truly enjoyed servicing the residents of Central Illinois for the past 25 years and thank you for putting your trust in Ryan Electrical Solutions. 

Solar Energy - The Future of Energy is Here

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Large solar panel array on ground

Solar Energy, one of the hottest topics in 2020, is becoming more common throughout the United States. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Solar generated $17 billion for the U.S. economy in 2018. So why are so many people installing solar panels in their homes and businesses? We all know that solar power is a 100% clean, renewable energy source. However, this is not the only reason why individuals are making the large investment. Here are several other benefits of installing solar panels in your home or business:

Do's and Don'ts During a Power Outage

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Man confused by electrical wire decisions

With severe and unpredictable weather here in Central Illinois, homeowners must take extra safety precautions in case of power outages. Here are several “do’s and dont’s” to consider during unexpected storms and power outages….

Electrical Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

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Man confused by electrical wire decisions

With today’s technologies, homeowners are more inclined to take on their own home improvement projects. With just a simple Google or YouTube search, people can watch and learn how to install floors, paint cabinets, convert dressers into kitchen islands… The list goes on! It’s amazing the number of projects people feel confident taking on. However, there are some projects homeowners should handle with extreme caution or simply avoid all together. Electricity is nothing to handle lightly. Not to mention, there are numerous safety codes and regulations to consider. 


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