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Slow Internet Connection Solutions

We are living in a time when having spotty, unreliable internet just won’t cut it. Between work, school and entertainment, we rely on our internet connection to get us through the day. Unfortunately, due to a number of variables, you don’t always get the speed and quality you pay for throughout your whole house. You may find that in some rooms of your house you get a great internet connection, but in others you don’t. Or perhaps you like sitting out on the back patio, but your internet connection just doesn’t reach that far? The good news is, Ryan Electrical Solutions offers a quick and easy solution!

Eero Whole Home WiFi SystemGarden Lighting

The eero whole home WiFi system uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to cover your home in powerful and reliable WiFi. It can work with your existing modem and any internet provider, so you can have a dependable connection no matter what room you’re in. Other than the initial cost for the eero system, there is no ongoing cost for eero.

When it comes to ensuring your internet connection is strong throughout your whole home, the team at Ryan Electrical Solutions can help determine the best installation points for the eero system. Leave it to us!


Tips for Combating Slow Internet

In addition to adding eero WiFi Solutions to your home, here are some tips we suggest for combating slow internet when it happens:


  • Disconnect internet-connected devices that are no longer in use or are using up bandwidth unnecessarily. SoPool Lightingme examples include mobile phones, smart devices like ipads or gaming systems, etc. Sometimes too many devices will congest your network and slow down your internet speed.
  • Reset your modem. Your modem is similar to a computer and rebooting the device is a good idea to keep your machines up and running efficiently.
  • Be sure you are within proximity of your router. If necessary, try relocating the router all together. Metal, stone, brick or glass between devices and routers can sometimes be the culprit of slow internet speeds. 
  • Run antivirus programs. Virus’s use bandwidth as well. Keep your computers up-to-date and secure by running antivirus programs. Not only can these viruses slow down your internet, but can cause loss of data and chaos within your computer systems.

Pool LightingDo yourself a favor and stop struggling with your internet connection and enjoy reliable, fast WiFi with products from eero. Our professionals will complete the installation all while strategically placing your eero products for optimal performance. Ask the professionals at Ryan Electrical Solutions how to get eero solutions set up in your home today