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Home Theatres

Lightening storm at nightWho doesn’t love watching a great movie on a big screen? Movie theaters are fun, but how about those long concession lines? Ever wish you could control the volume in the theater? And let’s face it, as times are changing, people are spending much more time in their own homes. Luckily, we live in a technological world. People can install and customize their very own home theaters and get the experience of going to a movie theater from the comfort of their own home. Does your existing sound/theater system need some TLC? Perhaps you are ready to invest in a completely new setup. Here are several ways to create and enhance your home theater and speaker system.

Choose Wireless – Wireless speakers have strong amplification and larger drivers compared to most Bluetooth speakers. They are not only easy to use, but also take up little space. Not sure where to locate your individual speakers? An audio-visual specialist will know how and where to properly place your speakers in order create the best sound within the room. They can also help you choose what types of speakers and brands to consider, such as Sonos, Klipsch, Polk, Bose, etc

RLightning storm over Office Buildingun wires through walls – Even “wireless” speakers, such as an Alexa, need to be plugged in to an outlet to get power. Consider hiding these wires within the walls of your home. Afterall, if you’re investing the time and money to create your home theater, you don’t want those annoying wires to get in the way of your entertainment. A professional AV specialist, or electrician will ensure that wires rated for in-wall installation are used and properly installed. They will also ensure that you have the appropriate number of outlets needed to support your systems power.

Wireless Transmitter – If you already have a surround sound system in place, consider getting a standalone RF transmitter and receiver pairs to remove some of the additional wiring. Your transmitter sends the soundtrack information to a speaker or secondary amplifier that has a built-in wireless receiver, eliminating the need for some of the existing wires. Wires are distracting! Talk to a specialist about hiding your existing wires or eliminating them all together.

Choose in-wall or ceiling speakers – Do you want in-wall, on-wall or ceiling speakers? The in and on-wall speakers are mounted front-firing with the woofers pointed horizontally across the room. These speakers, located closer to ear-level, will create a life-like soundstage. Ceiling speakers are mounted down-firing from the ceiling above and are a great way to create sound within smaller rooms, such as bathrooms and hallways. Ceiling speakers are also great for listening to music. To make your decision, you really need to determine what your expectations are for the room.

Consider speaker placement – Have fun with your speaker setup! Try putting different speakers in different areas of the room to find out what sounds best. Although this is up to personal preference, generally, the front and left speakers sound best when angled slightly towards the seats that are directly in front of the TV or projector. Tweeters should be at ear level when seated and center channel speaker placed right above or below your TV, as well as, centered. Mount surround sound speakers or place on speaker stands. If you place your subwoofer near a wall, generally, you will hear more base.

Call Ryan Electrical Solutions today to get your free in-home consultation. Our Audio-Visual Professionals will help you decide what TV and speakers will suit your dedicated movie or multi-purpose room best. With 26 years of experience, our professionals have top notch skills that will help ensure your overall satisfaction, which remains our #1 priority after 26 years in business.