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Electrical Repairs

Flipping a light switchIn today’s world, it’s hard to imagine living without electricity. It is an essential utility that aides in almost every daily task. Unless a bill is due or something goes wrong, it is likely that we don’t think twice about the electricity that powers our homes and businesses 24/7. Therefore, individuals need to be cautious when electrical issues are noticed. Here are several reasons to call a licensed electrician:

Exposed or Cut WiresModern Plug Outlet

Wires are not only visually displeasing, but can be dangerous when exposed, especially to children and/or pets. They should be safely hidden and secure. Obviously, cut wires should also be addressed to ensure that power is no longer hot.

Outlets and Switches that are Non-Functional

 Ever wonder what the mystery switch controls in your home? Not only are nonfunctioning outlets and switches a nuisance, but they could be a potential fire hazard. A nonfunctioning outlet or switch could be a sign of an incorrect installation. We suggest calling a professional electrician to ensure that your electrical switches and outlets are installed properly.

Sparking and/or Burning Smell

Don’t let an unusual burning smell, or an outlet appearing to be melted or sparking go unnoticed. If any sign of fire or immediate danger, call 911.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

Though there are different reasons for circuit breakers tripping, the most common reason is due to an overloaded circuit. The breaker or fBedside Lampuse is intended to trip before wires can get to a dangerous level of heat. This is a sign that appliances might need to be moved or perhaps your house needs a service upgrade

Flickering or Dimming Lights

An old dimmer switch, bulb not screwed in right, faulty switch are all possible culprits of flickering lights. Flickering lights are annoying! They can typically be easily resolved; however, an electrician will not only ensure that the issue is fixed, but can identify if there are more serious causes such as loose/outdated wiring, a problem with utility service or meter box or voltage fluctuations.

At Ryan Electrical Solutions our electricians are trained to investigate and identify possible electrical issues. Not only are they professional, but they truly care about our customer’s concerns and safety. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with only the best customer service and attention to detail. Interested in a free quote? Call Ryan Electrical Solutions today at 217.698.4877 to get your free electrical, generator and/or audio-visual estimate.