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Ideas for Bringing Your Outdoor Space to Life

Choose LED LightsLED lights are the hottest trend in commercial, residential, and industrial lighting. LED lights are not only better for the environment but have a longer lifetime, compared to halogen and incandescent lights. In fact, depending on usage, they can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s nearly 25 years! You can learn even more about the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting at Plus, with LED lighting, you won’t have to worry as much about harsh weather. Unlike other types of outdoor lighting, LEDs are made with plastic, as opposed to glass, so they can handle harsh weather much better than traditional bulbs. Because of these many benefits, this trend will not be short lived! Choose to liven up your outdoor living space by investing an LED lights.

Highlight Landscaping Garden Lighting– Did you know that lighting is a form of art? The terms shadowing, silhouetting, washing are not just ways to describe paintings, but can also be used to create and enhance your existing living spaces. Outdoor lighting can be designed not only to illuminate your backyard, but to also showcase your beautiful outdoor oasis. Perhaps you have an exotic plant you would like to highlight. Place a spotlight at the base of your plant, statue, or portion of your house that you would like to focus on. Alter the distance and angle to achieve your desired highlighted effect. Keep in mind, you can even choose the amount brightness if you look for fixtures with adjustable lumen output together.


Lighted PathSidewalk Lighting Lightingways – Not only used for safety purposes, pathway lights are also a way to warm your guests welcome. The styles of pathway lights available in the electrical industry today are unlimited, making it easy to create a pathway you’ll love. Traditional, directional, spot/floodlights, hardscape and inground are just some of the different types of pathway lights that can add a certain ambiance to your guided path or trail.

Light up Your Pool – Colorful underwater LED lights are another way to bringPool Lighting your outdoor paradise to life! Inground or flush-mounted are two types of inground pool fixtures. When replacing a pool bulb, be sure your new bulb is compatible with the actual fixture. Choose different colors to complement your mood, holiday or event. These lights will give your pool the perfect, subtle glow, allowing you to keep the party going even at night.

Contact a Certified Electrician Today – Remember, not all projects are DIY! Electrical projects should be completed by a professional electrician. If you’re looking to be the “fun” house this summer, give the professionals at Ryan Electrical Solutions a call. Our highly experienced project managers give free estimates and will provide you with options on how to create or enhance your outdoor living space. Afterall, summer is just around the corner! Don’t get stuck inside all evening. Keep the party going by lighting up your backyard with the help of Ryan Electrical Solutions. Our technicians are highly-qualified and understand the importance of all your electrical needs.