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Solar Buzz

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Have you heard the latest buzz on Solar?

If you haven’t already heard, Governor Pritzker signed the revised Illinois Clean-Energy Bill in 2021. The bill is said to transition the state to renewable energy in the next three decades, by moving the states’ reliance of fossil fuels towards renewable energy such as wind and solar. The goal is to have 100% “clean energy” for the state of Illinois by the year 2050.

With this new bill going into effect, now is the time for homeowners to take advantage of the incentives and rebates being offered by the state and federal government.

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The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) gives those individuals who buy and install a new solar panel system in Illinois in 2022 an opportunity to quality for the 26% federal tax credit.

Another incentive to install solar is the Illinois Shines Program, also referred to as the Adjustable Block Program.  Under the Adjustable Block Program, an individual can earn one solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) for each megawatt hour of electricity your solar system produces over 15 years. This has said to create more than $10,000 in additional savings for the average residential system. Through Illinois’ net metering policy, the utility will buy back any excess electricity your solar system produces, ensuring that you benefit from the full value of your solar panels.


Interested in Going Solar? Here are several ways to purchase your Solar System in Illinois:

  • Purchase up front – Expected return on investment estimated at 8 years
  • Solar Loan – What you would have paid to the power company, could be applied to paying for your own power system
  • Lease a Solar system – Split the savings with a third party

Home with Solar Panels on Roof

At Ryan Electrical Solutions, we have seen a lot of changes within the electrical industry over the last 27 years. But don’t worry, as technology changes, so do we! The demand for solar energy is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen so far, and we’d like to help you make the switch. By taking advantage of tax credits and incentives, you can offset between 75%-95% of the cost of a brand-new solar energy system. We’ve been servicing the residents of Central Illinois for over 27 years.  When you hire Ryan Electrical Solutions to install your system, you can expect top-notch service. Our experts will walk you through the process, from design to installation. Call our office at (217) 698-4877 to schedule a free in-home consultation