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Slow Internet Connection Solutions

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We are living in a time when having spotty, unreliable internet just won’t cut it. Between work, school and entertainment, we rely on our internet connection to get us through the day. Unfortunately, due to a number of variables, you don’t always get the speed and quality you pay for throughout your whole house. You may find that in some rooms of your house you get a great internet connection, but in others you don’t. Or perhaps you like sitting out on the back patio, but your internet connection just doesn’t reach that far? The good news is, Ryan Electrical Solutions offers a quick and easy solution!

Ideas for Bringing Your Outdoor Space to Life

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Choose LED LightsLED lights are the hottest trend in commercial, residential, and industrial lighting. LED lights are not only better for the environment but have a longer lifetime, compared to halogen and incandescent lights. In fact, depending on usage, they can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s nearly 25 years! You can learn even more about the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting at energy.gov. Plus, with LED lighting, you won’t have to worry as much about harsh weather. Unlike other types of outdoor lighting, LEDs are made with plastic, as opposed to glass, so they can handle harsh weather much better than traditional bulbs. Because of these many benefits, this trend will not be short lived! Choose to liven up your outdoor living space by investing an LED lights.

Home Theatres

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Lightening storm at nightWho doesn’t love watching a great movie on a big screen? Movie theaters are fun, but how about those long concession lines? Ever wish you could control the volume in the theater? And let’s face it, as times are changing, people are spending much more time in their own homes. Luckily, we live in a technological world. People can install and customize their very own home theaters and get the experience of going to a movie theater from the comfort of their own home. Does your existing sound/theater system need some TLC? Perhaps you are ready to invest in a completely new setup. Here are several ways to create and enhance your home theater and speaker system.

Five Reasons to Invest in a Backup Generator

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Lightening storm at nightBrrrrr! Temperatures are dropping. You never know when severe weather will strike, especially in Central Illinois. Keep your home or business prepared this winter season with an automatic standby generator. A home backup system will ensure that you never lose power during an outage. Here are several reasons for investing in a home backup generator system.  

October is Fire Prevention Awareness Month

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Lightening storm at nightIn 1922, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) named the second week of October Fire Prevention Week in remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. Today, many businesses and organizations take the time to raise fire safety awareness and educate families and communities during the month of October, which is now Fire Prevention Awareness Month. At Ryan Electrical Solutions, we would like to shed light on the importance of fire safety awareness and remind our friends and families to take the following safety precautions in your homes and businesses. 


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