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Five Reasons to Invest in a Backup Generator

Lightening storm at nightBrrrrr! Temperatures are dropping. You never know when severe weather will strike, especially in Central Illinois. Keep your home or business prepared this winter season with an automatic standby generator. A home backup system will ensure that you never lose power during an outage. Here are several reasons for investing in a home backup generator system.   

Appliances – Keep your important appliances running when the power is out. With a home standby generator, you can choose which appliances you need most, like refrigerators, overhead lights, sump pumps, etc. These appliances are vital for keeping your home, business and loved ones safe during loss of power.

Prevention Against Flood Damage – Speaking of sump pumps, with a thunderstorm comes rain and rain can cause potential flooding. A flooded basement will not be a cheap repair. Choose to have your sump pump connected to your generator and be sure that your basement will not flood during those heavy downpours…even if the power goes out!

Standby Generator Vs. Portable Generator – Standby generators are permanently installed and always monitor the connection to utility power. If loss of power is detected, the generator will automatically fire up, whereas a portable requires you to go outside and start manually. Standby generators can also be fueled by natural or LP gas, as opposed to portables that require gasoline only.

Minimize Business Downtime – Loss of power for a business should not be an option! Keep servers, refrigerators, computers, printers, etc. running when the power goes out. Don’t let storms be a reason for loss of productivity. Ensure that your business and employees will be safe and comfortable during the next big power outage.

Lightning storm over Office Building

Peace of Mind – Having a home or business backup generator, will obviously keep your home and business secure, however, it will also give you overall peace of mind during storms. Do you have small children who are afraid of storms and loss of power? Ease their minds by keeping the lights on. Ease your mind knowing that your loved ones are comfortable and safe at home.

At Ryan Electrical Solutions, we offer a variety of generator brands such as Generac, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton. Our trained professionals undergo the latest trainings and stay up to date on the newest information and technologies offered by these suppliers. Interested in purchasing a standby generator for your home or office? Give our experts a call. We give free in-home consultations, where our generator professionals will get a scope of work, as well as an idea of what type and size of generator will suit your homes needs most. Our installers will make sure that you are happy with not only the function, but the appearance of your generator. We take pride in our professional and clean installations. Having served Central Illinois for over 25 years, we value our customers and their overall satisfaction. Call Ryan Electrical Solutions today at (217) 698-4877. We look forward to hearing from you!