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Electrical Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Man confused by electrical wire decisionsWith today’s technologies, homeowners are more inclined to take on their own home improvement projects. With just a simple Google or YouTube search, people can watch and learn how to install floors, paint cabinets, convert dressers into kitchen islands… The list goes on! It’s amazing the number of projects people feel confident taking on. However, there are some projects homeowners should handle with extreme caution or simply avoid all together. Electricity is nothing to handle lightly. Not to mention, there are numerous safety codes and regulations to consider. Take a look at this video that highlights a major electrical disaster in a home that had already caused one electrical fire: https://youtu.be/cSTs4T56OIU.


What seem like simple electrical home repairs can often lead to huge headaches for the homeowner. Take installing a receptacle, for example. This may seem like a simple repair or update, however, if the proper grounding or GFI protection is not considered, homeowners risk a malfunctioning receptacle or worse. An experienced electrician will take care of the installation and ensure it is done correctly. They will pay attention to codes and regulations, use proper wiring techniques and ensure appropriate GFI protection is used.

Green stop sign with Electrical Safety captionRemember, electrical work is complicated and dangerous. If you are not an experienced electrician, you may easily get in over your head, causing harmful or costly damage. Do yourself, home and loved ones a favor. Consider calling a licensed electrician! Ryan Electrical Solutions has been serving the residents of Central Illinois for over 24 years. We are fully licensed and our technicians focus on quality work, safety, and customer satisfaction. We provide a full range of electrical services including commercial and residential electrical repairs and installations, audio-visual services, as well as, generator services. If you are considering any level of electrical repair, please give us a call and we would be happy to provide a quote.

For more information on home electrical safety, visit The Electrical Safety Foundation International. Their website has numerous resources for home electrical safety. We encourage you to click here to view these resources that aim to educate homeowners, consumers, older adults and children on basic electrical safety principles.

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