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Severe Weather Preparedness Month

ThunderstormIn Central Illinois, March is a time to focus on ‘severe weather preparedness’ and here at Ryan Electrical Solutions, we want to make sure residents are prepared for unpredictable weather. Believe it or not, Spring is quickly approaching! Here in Central Illinois, we know how temperamental the weather can be. With warmer temperatures and unexpected spring storms, Midwesterners, especially, need to be prepared for unexpected power outages caused by chaotic weather. Hail, wind gusts, heavy rain and lightning can lead to flash flooding, wind damage and fallen trees, causing utility lines to fail. Don’t let widespread power outages impact your daily activities.

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a generator. First, there are two types of generator options: Portable and Standby. Both provide a means of backup electricity, however, they are very different in what amount of power they can supply and how they do so.

Difference Between Automatic Standby and Portable Generators

Generac Guardian generatorStandby generators, powered by natural gas, liquid propane or diesel fuel, start automatically once utility power has been lost. No annoying extension cords to hook up and no fuel tank to refill! They are typically quieter than portable generators and have a transition of less than 10 seconds. They can be installed near your home’s exterior, taking up very little of your outdoor living space. Remote monitoring systems built within the latest Generac models allow owners to view maintenance reminders, receive alerts, and can even be programmed to communicate issues directly with the dealer. With this feature, you can conveniently monitor your generator functions while away from home! This mobile app is available on the Apple App Store, GooglePlay or the Amazon Appstore.

A standby generator will not only add value to your home but will give you peace of mind during dangerous weather. With the investment of a whole-home backup system, you will want to maintain the devices’ functionality throughout the years. As a car engine needs an oil change, a standby generator needs routine checkups as well. We recommend having your generator serviced twice a year. During a preventative maintenance, completed by Ryan Electrical Solutions professionals, your generator will be properly maintained to help ensure functionality when needed the most.



Here’s a list of several of the items that will be checked during preventative maintenance:



  • Inspect engine, oil and oil filter
  • Change spark plugs and air filter
  • Test engine chock operation
  • Clean and check battery cables/connections
  • Clean and inspect interior of unit
  • Check mobile link (if applicable) and control panels
  • Test load management and inspect automatic transfer switch/electrical connections


Generac portable generatorPortable generators can provide power to essential circuits, such as lights, refrigerators, sump pumps and some air conditioners and heaters. Which and how many circuits can be hooked up will depend on the size of the generator. Compared to an automatic backup generator, a portable is a less expensive option to provide a means of backup power. However, during a power outage, owners will need to fill the generator with gas and place it on a flat surface a safe distance away from the home. The carbon monoxide emitted from the generator while it’s running can be deadly. Once the unit is running, extension cords need to be plugged into the appliance and generator to provide power. Some disadvantages of portable generators include, annoying extension cords, short runtime, and the need to constantly refill the fuel tank.


Choosing a Generator

Many questions should be considered when purchasing a generator. What appliances will you include, location, required voltage, fuel type, accessories…. These are all questions to consider when thinking about your investment. Let the professionals at Ryan Electrical Solutions make sure all your boxes are checked! We are a turnkey generator provider – sales, installation, service & maintenance. Plus we are able to service most types of generators!

We’ve been serving the residents of Central Illinois for 24+ years. We can assure you that your electrical needs will be fulfilled. From residential to commercial electrical projects, to generators and TV installations, our technicians are trained professionals. Don’t handle these tasks on your own! We’re here to handle all and any of your electrical needs. Our generator division is sure to help keep you safe from power outages this storm season. Call Ryan Electrical Solutions today to get your free in home consultation.

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