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“Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…” Are You Ready for those Winter Storms?

Frozen pipesWe all know how unpredictable Central Illinois weather can be, and with more and more unexpected storms and the increasing demand put on our power supply, power loss is happening more frequently. And when it comes to winter weather, that power loss can mean no heat in your home, which is a danger to you and your family and can also lead to issues like frozen pipes. In the winter, it’s no longer just a matter of inconvenience, it can be a risk to your well-being.

Home during the winter seasonBut rest-assured that you can easily take steps now to help alleviate situations like this should you encounter a power outage during the bitterly cold winter months! A whole-house generator protects your home automatically. It delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.

Because a whole-house generator is connected to your electrical system, you will need to make sure you choose the correct size and type of generator and have it installed by a qualified technician.

Choosing the Right Generator

Not sure what specific type of generator you need? Avoid the hassle of purchasing from a big box store. The generator team at Ryan Electrical Solutions can assist you through the process of choosing the type of generator that will best suit your needs. After all, there are many different factors that should be considered when purchasing your generator:

- What will you want the generator to provide power to in your home?

- Where will the generator be located?

- What is the required voltage?

- What fuel type will be used?

- What accessories will be needed?

- Will you want a turn key, generator, electrical, or fuel line installation?

- Will you need financing?

These are just several of the questions that you will be asked when purchasing a generator. But don’t fret! Our team can walk you through these questions and even provide an onsite analysis of your home in order to provide you with a solution that fits your needs! When you invest in a new generator installed by Ryan Electrical Solutions, you will also get consistent support and loyal service.

Importance of Certified Professional Installation of a Home Backup Generator

Ryan Electrical SolutionsAt Ryan Electrical Solutions, we are certified dealers of various generator brands. Generac, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton are just a few of the several brands that our experts can install and maintain. When you know your installer and/or dealer is certified you can be confident knowing that your installer has a relationship with the manufacturer and is highly trained. Our technicians are experts and participate in regular training sessions for different brands of generators, so we stay up-to-date on the latest product information. It is also vital to have your generator installed by an authorized dealer in order for your warranties to remain valid. Your average handyman may not keep track of essential information needed to prove warranties. Authorized dealers will also keep up to date information on recalls and/or product enhancements that may occur over the lifespan of the generator. And an added perk is that as a certified dealer, we can inform you when special deals and promotions occur, so you don’t miss out on opportunities to save money! If you are considering a whole-house generator, we encourage you to contact Ryan Electrical Solutions so that you can get answers to your questions and take advantage of a free estimate that is specific to your home’s backup power needs.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Generator maintenanceA generator is an engine, and like a car engine that needs an oil change every so many miles, a generator also needs servicing, regardless if you have used the generator or not. Don’t let your new generator sit for years at a time without having a checkup. A power outage is not the time to find out your generator isn’t operating correctly! Preventative maintenance helps ensure your generator will be ready when you need it! Proper servicing of a generator includes checking the coolant level, oil level, fuel system and starting system. These are all ways to prevent your generator from failing during times of need.

Additional Steps

When it comes to severe weather, having a backup generator is a critical step, but there are also other things to keep in mind. Click here for a handy emergency checklist that outlines some items to have on hand at all times should an emergency situation arise. For example, a weather radio with extra batteries can mean the difference between being caught by a surprise storm or gaining precious minutes needed to prepare for safety. The Department of Homeland Security is also a great resource to look at. Click here for information on how to stay safe during a winter storm.

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