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New Home Construction: Prepare for the Future of Technology

New home construction blueprintA new home construction project can be without a doubt stressful. From framework and foundation to electric and plumbing, there are so many details that go into building your own home. Who will your contractors be? How many rooms do you want? How about width of hallways? Don’t forget about landscaping! These are the types of questions that people often consider during new home construction. However, people tend to overlook the importance of creating a home with an infrastructure that can support today's advancing technologies. Homeowners cannot always rely on their building contractors to present this information during construction planning. Be aware that there are options for building a new home with a framework that can sustain all the essential components of smart home technology. Whether you plan to sell the house, or grow old in the house, you will want it “smart” compatible before the walls go up. You want your new home to be perfect, after all, that’s why you chose to have it custom-designed! Here’s what we suggest:

Prewiring- Ask your contractor about the prewiring process before construction begins: Some people might think opting out of prewiring is a good money saver because of the wide range of wireless devices available today. Keep in mind that prewiring is a permanent upgrade to your home that will increase its value come time to sell. Plus, not all wireless systems are compatible with other manufacturer’s products, so structured wiring will serve as an efficient alternative. Along with structured wiring, extra conduits in walls are good to have in case you plan to have speaker wires, video or network cable ran in the future. Even if you aren’t quite ready for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers now, you might be inclined to add them later.

- Choose an electrician that specializes in audio-visual installations: Ryan Electrical Solution’s Audio-Visual Department specializes in whole house audio, home theatre systems, TV installations, visual solutions, surround sound and cinema speakers. We give free estimates throughout all divisions here at Ryan Electrical Solutions (electrical, generators and audio-visual). Our technicians are trained professionals that specialize in not only prewiring, but installations of all audio-visual components. Give us a call and let us help strategically place cables and wires throughout your new home so you can someday enjoy your automation system, which will lead to your preferred home control system.

Smart home controls- Make a list of features you want: Temperature & lighting control, automatically locking doors, cameras, etc. the list goes on! These are the items that people begin to think about after the house is already built. However, had they realized these features could have been more conveniently prepped for during the wiring phase, they would have thought twice. Even something as simple as a Ring Doorbell installation can be better prepared for by talking with your builder and electrical contractor prior to construction. You will want your Wi-Fi system’s range to cover your entire home. Spotty internet connection can occur in rooms that are on the outskirts of the home. Give Ryan Electrical Solutions a call prior to building your new home and we will make sure this isn’t an issue.

Wireless internet- Cat5e & Cat6 cabling: Wiring a house with Category 5e (category 5 enhanced) or CAT 6 (category 6) secures your home for technological advances of the future. Do you have children or are planning to? Whether we like to admit it or not, our children’s daily activities often revolve around internet use, as do ours! Make sure your new home will have sufficient internet support. By reducing noise and signal interference, the speeds supported by Cat5e cables are likely to be faster than what your current internet connection can provide. Typically, Cat5e cables suffice for the needs of residential users. Cat 6 cabling, on the other hand, is more often used in commercial buildings for PoE and AV applications. These cables can transmit at a higher frequency of 250MHz. Not sure which type of cabling will best suit your needs? Give us a call and let our audio-visual experts help you decide!

At Ryan Electrical Solutions we are committed to serving your electrical, generator and audio-visual needs. With 23+ years of experience, we strive to satisfy our customers by showing commitment through our attention to detail and top-notch services. Serving residents throughout Central Illinois, we appreciate our customer’s dedication, business and feedback. Want to learn more about what goes on inside Ryan Electrical Solutions? Be sure to sign-up for our Monthly E-Newsletter at ryanelectricalsolutions.com. We’ll give you up-to-date information on our newest products, in-house activities, as well as insight on what our employees are up to. Call Ryan Electrical Solutions today and get your free estimate.

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