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Benefits of Having Exterior Outlets

Electric leaf blower in use‘Tis the season for finding out you don’t have an exterior outlet where you need it most! Fall yardwork and cleanup is already a daunting task, but it can be made so much worse when you have to finagle those pesky long extension cords only to find out you still can’t quite reach all ends of your yard! Or perhaps you’ve been aiming to become the Clark Griswold of the neighborhood, but year after year you find yourself running out of outlets thereby coming up short on that holiday display?

Perhaps it’s time to get additional GFCI outlets installed throughout the exterior of your home or garage. Here are several benefits of having multiple exterior outlets.

Holiday Lights Decorate a Home's ExteriorConvenient for Holiday Decorating - The Holidays are quickly approaching, and soon (if you haven’t already started) decorating will commence! Be careful, you don’t want to overload your circuit by connecting five or six strands of lights together. Also, avoid pulling those strands of lights too tight in order to reach an outlet! A couple extra outlets here and there will not only be a safer option but will save you the worry of damaging important power sources.


Easier Yard Maintenance - Do you find yourself searching for and tripping over long extension cords? With an extra exterior outlet, you can finally throw your obnoxious orange extension cords away! Connect your power tools into a GFCI weather-proof outdoor receptacle that’s primary purpose is to serve your outdoor projects.


Residential Outdoor Entertainment CenterBetter Entertainment - With an extra outdoor receptacle conveniently located near a TV or sound system, you can finally create the outdoor living space you’ve imagined. No more tripping over wires and moving equipment. Enjoy having your sound system or mini fridge right next to the party!

Tips for Using Outdoor Receptacles

All outdoor outlets should be equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) - especially if near a pool or hot tub. These outlets have special sensors that will cut power if they detect any change in electric currents, making them safer than other types of outlets. They should also have a weatherproof cover to prevent moisture and debris from getting in.

There is no such thing as a DIY electrical project! Be sure to call a professional electrician who knows the proper covers and ground to ensure your home and outlets are protected. Ryan Electrical Solutions has been serving Central Illinois for over 24 years. We employ only the best installers; whose priorities are safety and quality. We have the capability of keeping your home and office up and running, even when the power goes out!

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