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How to Upgrade Your Conference Room

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Whether a large boardroom or a small conference room, the functionality of this type of room can make a big impact on your operations! After all, this is where individuals create and discuss the potential of a company’s growth. This is where all the big ideas get started! Don’t let a boring, uncomfortable meeting place (or lack thereof) interfere with creative brainstorming. There are several factors that go into creating a modern and comfortable conference room setting.

Latest Trends in Outdoor Lighting: COASTAL SOURCE

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Outdoor step lights

Here at Ryan Electrical Solutions, we stay on top of the latest trends in the lighting industry. In fact, we are now officially installers of durable and efficient Coastal Source lighting and audio products.

This summer, get ready to create your own outdoor entertainment and living area with brilliant landscape lighting and high-quality outdoor speaker systems. Coastal Source products are the clear choice for your next outdoor project:

Severe Weather Preparedness Month

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ThunderstormIn Central Illinois, March is a time to focus on ‘severe weather preparedness’ and here at Ryan Electrical Solutions, we want to make sure residents are prepared for unpredictable weather. Believe it or not, Spring is quickly approaching! Here in Central Illinois, we know how temperamental the weather can be. With warmer temperatures and unexpected spring storms, Midwesterners, especially, need to be prepared for unexpected power outages caused by chaotic weather. Hail, wind gusts, heavy rain and lightning can lead to flash flooding, wind damage and fallen trees, causing utility lines to fail. Don’t let widespread power outages impact your daily activities.

Celebrating 24 Years of Service

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Ryan Electrical Solutions teamThis month at Ryan Electrical Solutions we’re celebrating 24 years of service in Central Illinois! With fortunate growth throughout the years, our family-owned business has transformed into a customer-oriented corporation that focuses on all electrical, generator and audio-visual services. Be sure to check out our new location, 4151 West Jefferson St, Springfield, IL 62707 - one of our most recent improvements! Though we’ve made changes throughout the years, one thing has remained the same: our unwavering focus on quality and safety. We would like to thank our loyal customers for letting us continuously serve your electrical needs and for putting your trust in Ryan Electrical Solutions.

New Home Construction: Prepare for the Future of Technology

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New construction blueprintA new home construction project can be without a doubt stressful. From framework and foundation to electric and plumbing, there are so many details that go into building your own home. Who will your contractors be? How many rooms do you want? How about width of hallways? Don’t forget about landscaping! These are the types of questions that people often consider during new home construction. However, people tend to overlook the importance of creating a home with an infrastructure that can support todays advancing technologies. Home owners cannot always rely on their building contractors to present this information during construction planning. Be aware that there are options for building a new home with a framework that can sustain all the essential components of smart home technology. Whether you plan to sell the house, or grow old in the house, you will want it “smart” compatible before the walls go up. You want your new home to be perfect, after all, that’s why you chose to have it custom-designed! Here’s what we suggest:


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